About Us

Buddha Academy was established to provide a comprehensive education in which children we hope become a global citizen of the future with an elevated sense of social Justice and personal commitments to contribute to the development of Nepalese society. Our goal is to develop students who learn not only what is taught at school but acquire skills and motivation to continue learning all their lives. Buddha academy is at appropriate location and having an educational environment which is away from the pollution noise of the market and the vehicles.

The large and triangular shaped building with a compound and playground is well equipped to meet the facilities as it is expected on of the modern and well developed educational institute. Besides a well managed hostel for the Boarders and Day Scholars maintained by well experienced and caring personnel is another evidence of the schools commitments towards provision of education for all.


Buddha Academy is non-profit totally independent school operated and organised by few number of persons with the vison of "Eduaction for All". Buddha Academy is a school that endeavored to promote education in Bhakunde Bensi.The concept of its establishment is to develop co-operation amongst students and peoples around Bhakunde, to create learning environment and help solving education problems in Bhakunde. Since the establishment of the school, it has been working actively to develop entrepreneurship and leadership in the students. The present Founders of the Buddha Academy are Mr.Kumar Dahal (Executive of Buddha Academy), Mr. Pawan Pradhan (Chairman of Buddha Academy), Mr. Naresh Pradhan (Board Member of Buddha Academy).

Co-curricular Activities

Buddha offers its students a wide range of activities that stimulate their passion for learning on the bases of their curriculum as well as certain brain-storming activities. We regularly involve our students in the following activities:

Homestay and Cultural Exchange

Family is the cornerstone of Nepalese social life.  Those who wish to immerse themselves in language, culture, and daily life should consider spending time with a host family.  This provides an intimate experience of Nepal and also allows the host family to learn about other cultures, lifestyles, and languages.

We have ongoing arrangements with volunteer  always keen to welcome as guests teacher  and provide optimum care and satisfaction.

Typical Nepali meals will be served at least two times a day and include simple, but nourishing rice, vegetable curry, dal (lentil soup), chutney, milk, fruit, and sometimes meat.  The food is prepared in good hygiene and is mostly organic.  No worries for vegetarians.  Host families can easily accommodate them.

Our Buddha  academy always looking forward to make friendship with abroad school and wel come teacher  and students  from all over there world  to visit our school and students not only this we like to heartily wel come if anyone like to join in our school as volunteer teacher no mater they can teach there language , culture , life style , society , there country , education , people during there stay in our school we will provide meal  and accommodation   as  well as we like to arrange visit our teacher and students abroad school too.